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About the Practitioner

Sharla graduated from The Massage School in 2013 and has 200 clinical hours of practice in Swedish massage and Deep Tissue techniques, as well as Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial release and Muscle Mobilization. As a massage therapist, Sharla, utilizes a combination of techniques to address the clients needs while also promoting a deeply relaxing and stress reducing experience.

Prior to attending The Massage School, she has always had a passion for exercise, fitness and nutrition and has spent the last 12 yrs researching and practicing such fields.  She received her Bachelors degree in Exercise Science from SSC, this only fueled her thirst for knowledge of the human anatomy and specifically how to maintain optimal health. 

As an avid gym goer conditioned athlete, and devoted yogi  the role of massage therapy is integral to making progress and aiding in recovery from exercise and stress. This has lead her to want to help others with performing their exercise, daily tasks, hobbies and passions without restriction.  As well as, ease chronic pain and aid in recovery from injury or surgery. 

Additionally, the stress we all feel takes a toll on us both physically and mentally and Sharla believes that massage is one way to manage that and promote a healthy, body, mind and spirit!

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